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Exploration, expression, and connection are at the core of arts education; as it happens, they are also integral for a person’s emotional and relational health. As arts educators and administrators work in increasingly complex settings with individuals whose lives are challenged daily, a new set of skills becomes essential. While it’s unusual for arts educators to have access to the background history of the learners and staff they work with, a trauma-informed structure allows us to be proactively empathetic and responsive. With this in mind, this training offers vocabulary and tools that will increase your ability to serve the needs of your community.

Bartol’s TIP training programs are both rigorous and fortifying. While your learning style and pace will dictate how long it takes to complete your chosen course, plan to dedicate approximately 40 hours. To help you process your learning, both programs are offered three times a year on a set schedule so you can discuss materials and connections with a cohort of peers, while also receiving support from a Bartol Course Moderator.

Upon successful completion of the course and assignments, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to share your accomplishment.

Trauma-Informed Practice for Teaching Artists

The Bartol Trauma-Informed Practice training for Teaching Artists is a rigorous, groundbreaking program designed by arts educators, for arts educators which will equip you... read more

Trauma-Informed Practice for Arts Education Administrators

The Bartol Trauma-Informed Practice training for Arts Education Administrators is a rigorous and groundbreaking program designed by arts educators, for arts educators which will equip you with... read more


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